WinCom: Extended serial port settings for Win95/98/NT

Version 1.20: Feb, 2001

Wincom is a  Tcl-extension for Windows for extended serial port configuration, such as handshake, timeout and system buffer size.
These settings cannot be configured with the standard Tcl-core.

The handshake options include hardware handshake (DTR,RTS,DSR,CTS signals) as weel as XON/XOFF software handshake. Increasing the system buffer size may be useful especially for high data rates, because the standard system buffer of 4096 bytes may quickly overrun. Setting the timeout interval to a finite number of milliseconds is useful if the serial data comes in packets. The Tcl-core allows only -blocking 0 (timeout=0) or -blocking 1 (timeout=infinite).

Wincom comes as a compiled Windows DLL together with full source. It is compiled using stubs, therefore it should run with  Tcl-version >=8.2 and above without recompiling.

For more information refer to Readme.txt and Changes.txt .

Download: (25 kBytes)