Moni: A serial port monitor written in Tcl/Tk

Version 2.35: November 2008
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Moni (who is moni ?) is a raw serial port terminal program written in plain Tcl running under Windows, Linux & Solaris.
It requires Tcl8.4 or later (enhanced serial support).

Moni opens a connection to a serial port and displays incoming data in ASCII and/or Hexadecimal.
It supports:

Moni uses the fantastic BWidgets toolkit.

Screenshot of the TTY (ASCII) display and serial port configuration:

Screenshot of hexadecimal display and send file tool:

Please feel free to use, redistribute and modify Moni for your own needs.

Download Moni version 2.42:

All Moni versions (older versions might not work on current Tcl releases):


Moni 2.42 (Nov/2011): Moni 2.41: Moni 2.40: Moni 2.36: Moni 2.35: Moni 2.34: Moni 2.20: Moni 2.10:

Who is Moni:

The program is dedicated to our sweet "Moni" (Aug 1995 - Aug 1999)